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Queen Maxima of The Netherlands visiting RoboCup 2013.

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If you would like to cover the competition, please register here providing some information about your media, how many days you will cover and the number of people in your team. We will then make sure that a press pass is ready for you and your team. For further information, please contact:


RoboCup 2014 will take place in the Centro de Convenções “Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima”, PB 008, km 5 – Pólo Turístico Cabo Branco, in the city of João Pessoa – Paraíba – Brazil.

Press releases

About RoboCup 2014 (in portuguese): PressRelease.pdf
About RoboCup 2014 (in english): PressRelease_English.pdf


If you need a quick overview about the event, please check this video.

Photo stream

High resolution photos of the tournment will be freely available at the competition flickr account: Do not forget to mention the source in the photo caption.
Photos from RoboCup 2013 (which was held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands) are available at

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Videos will be available at our YouTube channel: The event is also covered on Twitter ( and Facebook (

RoboCup 2013 in numbers

  • Over 40,000 people visited the tournament. Among them was queen Máxima of the Netherlands;
  • Covered by 112 journalists from 22 countries. They generated press coverage in 75 countries and by the world’s most well-known media and news-agencies, including BBC, AP, The Guardian, AFP, NBC and Reuters;
  • The estimated number of people reached through media: 11 million in the Netherlands and at least 50 million worldwide;
  • Over 60,000 individual viewers of RoboCup TV and 80,000 visitors to the RoboCup website;
  • Over 75 million tweets were posted about RoboCup 2013;
  • Participants from 45 countries.

RoboCup 2014 clipping