RoboCup @Work

First Place: smARTLab, University of Liverpool
Second Place: b-it-bots, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University
Third Place: CPE Lyon


RoboCup Logistics Sponsored by FESTO

First Place: Carologistics, FH Aachen University
Second Place: Bavarian Bendingunits, TU Muenchen
Third Place: UVM Ingenieria, Universidad del Valle de México


RoboCup @Home League

First Place: Wright Eagle, USTC
Second Place: TechUnited, Eindhoven
Third Place: NimbRO, TU Bonn


RoboCup Rescue Simulation League

Infrastructure Competition:  Amsterdam Oxford Joint Rescue Forces, UVA/Oxford University  (1st Place)
Virtual Robot Competition: MRL, Qazvin Azad  (1st Place)

Agent Competition

First Place: S.O.S, AmirkabirUniversity
Second Place: MRL, Qazvin Azad
Third Place: CSU_Yunlun, Central South University


RoboCup Rescue League

First Place: Hector Darmstadt, TU Darmstadt
Second Place: MRLQIAU, Qazvin Azad
Third Place:  BART Lab Rescue Robotics Team, MahidolUniversity
Best-in-Class Small UAV:   YRA, Islamic Azad University of Yazd
Best-In-Class Autonomy: Hector Darmstadt, TU Darmstadt
Best-In-Class Mobility: MRL, Qazvin Azad
Best-In-Class Manipulation: YRA, Islamic Azad University of Yazd


RoboCup Soccer 2D Simulation League

First Place: WrightEagle, USTC
Second Place: Gliders2014, CSIRO
Third Place: Oxsy, COMPA-IT
Technical Challenge: WrightEagle, USTC


RoboCup Soccer 3D Simulation League

First Place: UT Austin Villa, UT Austin
Second Place: ROBOCANES, U. Miami
Third Place: MAGMA OFFENBURG, Offenburg University
Technical Challenge: UT Austin Villa, UT Austin


RoboCup Soccer Small Size League

First Place: ZJUNLICT, Zhejiang University
Second Place: CMDragons, CMU
Third Place: RoboDragons, Aichi Prefectural University
Open Source/Hardware Award:  Tigers Mannheim, Cooperative State University Mannheim
Technical Challenge:  ER-FORCE, University of Erlangen


RoboCup Soccer Middle Size League

First Place: TechUnited, TU Eindhoven
Second Place: Water, Beijing Information Science & Technology University
Third Place: Cambada, University of Aveiro
Scientific/Engineering Challenge: Cambada, University of Aveiro
Technical Challenge: Water, Beijing Information Science & Technology University


RoboCup Soccer Standard Platform League

First Place: rUNSWIFT, UNSW
Second Place: HTWK, Leipzig
Third Place: B-Human, TU Bremen
Drop-In Competition MVP: B-Human, TU Bremen
Drop-In Competition MVP (drop-in only)

    First Place:  UnBeatables, UNB
    Second Place:   MipalPompeuFabra University

Technical Challenge: B-Human, TU Bremen


RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League

AdultSize Competition

First Place: Team THORwIn, U. PENN
Second Place: HuroEvolutionAD, NTUST
Third Place: Tsinghua Hephaestus, Tsinghua  Uni
AdultSize Technical Challenge: HuroEvolutionAD, NTUST

 TeenSize Competition

First Place: Baset TeenSize, Baset
Second Place: Nimbro TeenSize, TU Bonn
TeenSizeTechnical Challenge:
AUTUofM, Amirkabir and Manitoba  and NimbroTeenSize, TU Bonn

 KidSize Competition

First Place: CIT Brains, Chiba
Second Place: Bold Hearts, University of Hertfordshire
Third Place: Baset KidSize, Baset
KidSizeTechnical Challenge: CIT Brains, Chiba

Best Humanoid Robot – Louis Vuitton Cup

CIT Brains, Chiba



RoboCupJunior Rescue

Rescue A Primary

Individual Team Awards

1st Place: Eslam – Eslam School
2nd Place: error404 – Gymnasium Goetheschule
3rd Place: Technik Clever Robots – CJD Christophorusschule Koenigswinter

Mechnical Innovation Award: Team Jup – Groenewald
Electronic Innovation Award: Mustabot – Fundación Mustakis
Mechnical Design Award: Eslam – Eslam School
Electronic Design Award: Uru-gear – Colegio Seminario & St Brendans School
Best Practice in Development: Technik Clever Robots – CJD Christophorusschule Koenigswinter
Best Presentation: Mustabot – Fundación Mustakis

SuperTeam Awards

1st Place: The Team and Uru-gear
2nd Place: HZTK Croatia and The NXTs
3rd Place: SACRATRON and The Snowdens


Rescue A Secondary

Individual Team Awards

1st Place: North and South Federal – Dalian No.8 High School
2nd Place: robotics X – ikuseisha kagakunogakkou
3rd Place: Positronics – Colégio Santa Emília

Engineering Award: Positronics – Colégio Santa Emília
Best Presentation: KAVOSH – KAVOSH Robotic Team

SuperTeam Awards

1st Place: KAVOSH and suigeneris
2nd Place: Nr. 1 and WarFighters
3rd Place: North and South Federal and Saints


Rescue B
Individual Team Awards

1st Place: DaLu – Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium Magdeburg
2nd Place: kachofugetsu – Tokyo City University Senior High School
3rd Place: Croatian Robotic association – Hrvatski robotički savez

Programming Award: Forward – Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Michelangelo Buonarroti- Trento-Italy
Against All Odds: Powerfail – Goetheschule Hannover
Best Engineering Journal Award: – SR-chitects The MASter – Aichi Institute of Technology

Best Electronics: SERS Team – Shanghai Experimental School
Against All Odds: KidTechnic – Goetheschule Hannover
Best Presentation: DaLu – Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium Magdeburg

SuperTeam Awards

1st Place: R2T Team – ADVANCE
2nd Place: Kachofugetsu – Urban Robots
3rd Place: RAPTOR-B –

RoboCupJunior CoSpace

CoSpace Rescue Primary
Individual Team Awards

1st Place: Winner – China DaDaLeLe
2nd Place: #Boom – St Christophers Primary School
3rd Place: #Watch & Learn – St Christophers Primary School
Best Presentation Award: Digiminds – Holbrook Primary School

CoSpace Rescue Secondary
Individual Team Awards

1st Place: Austria – HTL Weiz
2nd Place: UNIFy – Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology
3rd Place: A-Team – Catholic School Banska Stiavnica
Best Presentation Award: T&Y – Numazu Technical High School

CoSpace Rescue
SuperTeam Awards

1st Place: #Boom and ORANGE and CoSurSpace
2nd Place: Coyospace and UNIFy and #Watch & Learn


CoSpace Dance
Individual Team Awards

1st Place: LC-Space – Lessing-Gymnasium Neu-Ulm
Best Virtual & Real Communication Award: Democrito Team – Liceo Democrito – Roma


RoboCupJunior Dance

Primary Dance
Individual Team Awards

Champion: Circus of the Robots – VMS Nenzing
Technical Champion: SFZ-Glossis – SFZ Schüler-Forschungs-Zentrum Osnabrueck
Performance Champion: TOKYO・2020 – Truth Academy
Construction Award: TUSUYBOT – Institución Educativa “María Auxiliadora” and Universidad
Choreography Award: Shanghai Youth & Junior Science & Technology Exploration
Entertainment Award: Lobóticos – EMEF Heitor Villa Lobos

SuperTeam Awards

World Champion: Brazilian Circus of the Genius
Technical Award: International-Soccer-Friends
Performance Award: Meeting at the Zoo


Secondary Dance
Individual Team Awards

Champion: Jaguar – IFRJ – Campus Volta Redonda
Technical Champion: Itimonaco5 – ITI “A. Monaco” – Cosenza
Performance Champion: Simãozinho – Agrupamento de Escolas Santos Simões
Stage Performance Award: Dance Squad – Comphaus/Colégio Objetivo
Digital Presentation Award: Los Robanos – HBLWM Salzburg-Annahof
Electronics Award: InGen – Gymnasium Langenhagen
Best Novice Award: Falcon´s Team Dance – EDUVISION UANL

SuperTeam Awards

World Champion: RoboCup Summer Party
Technical Award: PIGI
Performance Award: Casidance


RoboCupJunior Soccer

Soccer Light Weight Primary
Individual Team Awards

World Champions: AGSG2 – Agrupamento de Escolas de São Gonçalo

Best Regular Players:
1st Place: Team of Gongyuan Road Primary School
2nd Place: AGSG2 – Agrupamento de Escolas de São Gonçalo
3rd Place: VICTORY – Hikone Science Labo

Best Robot Design:
1st Place: VICTORY – Hikone Science Labo
2nd Place: Shadow MINI – Nara Sahokawa elementary school
3rd Place: Dalton Team – Dalton School

Best Team Work:
1st Place: Dalton Team – Dalton School
2nd Place: Los Galácticos – RobotSA
3rd Place: Mini Craques CHS – Comphaus

Best Interview:
1st Place: FRF Goalforce – Realschule Helmbrechts – Germany
2nd Place: Shadow MINI – Nara Sahokawa elementary school
3rd Place: Ulany – Basic School Puste Ulany
Best Poster: Ball Busters

SuperTeam Awards

World Champions: Tiger Robots
Dalton Team, Dalton School
Los Galácticos, RobotSA
Shadow MINI, Nara Sahokawa elementary school
Team of Gongyuan Road Primary School
Ulany, Basic School Puste Ulany

Best SuperTeam Communication: Mix
Ball Busters, Independent Group (Ball Busters)
Mini Craques CHS, Comphaus
Sumosang, Cuddle Education International
VICTORY, Hikone Science Labo

Soccer Light Weight Secondary
Individual Team Awards

World Champions: SPQR

Best Individual Game Players:
1st Place: Alpha Force
2nd Place: SagerSoccer
3rd Place: Luwan Senior High School

Best Robot Design:
1st Place: Eridanus
2nd Place: Helveticrobot
3rd Place: MonoChrome XT

Best Team Work:
Robotic’s Lab UTCAM Light
We Wanna Win

Best Presentation:
1st Place: Marconi New Football Team
2nd Place: mljp-robotics
3rd Place: SACRABOL

Best Poster:
1st Place: Format
2nd Place: farzanegan6
3rd Place: SACRABOL

SuperTeam World Champions 1st Place: SuperBlades
Robotic’s Lab UTCAM Light
Shenzhen Experimental School
XLC Padawans

Best SuperTeam Communication: Paraiba Super Team
Alpha Force
Marconi New Football Team

Soccer Open
Individual Team Awards

World Champions: NJRT – Agrupamento de Escolas de São Gonçalo

Best Regular Players:
1st Place: The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University
2nd Place: farzanegan1
3rd Place: NJRT

Best Robot Design:
1st Place: Bodenseehaie
2nd Place: kherad
3rd Place: LG-Robots

Best Team Work:

Best Presentation:
1st Place:
2nd Place: IronBot
3rd Place: kherad

Best Poster:
1st Place: MUNAKO-Amaterasu
2nd Place: Carano Robotix
2nd Place: Emam javad
2nd Place: SFXRFC

SuperTeam Awards

SuperTeam World Champion: Surfboard Team
Dunkle Macht
Xi‘An GaoXin No.1 High School
Emam javad

Best Superteam Communication: Team World Champions:
Captin Mageed

Spirit of RoboCup: Surfboard Team
Dunkle Macht
Emam javad
Xi‘An GaoXin No.1 High School