Symposium Schedule

July 25th

08:30 – 09:00

Welcome Address from Chairs, and President

09:00- 10:00

Invited Talk: Rodney Brooks

10:00 – 10:20

Teaser for Poster Presentations

10:20 – 11:00

Coffee break – Poster Presentations – Session I

11:00 – 11:40

Oral Presentations – Session I

  • Nico Hochgeschwender, Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar, Sven Schneider, Walter Nowak, Rainer Bischoff, Rhama Dwiputra, Jakob Berghofer and Frederik Hegger.
    RoboCup@Work: Competing for the Factory of the Future
  • David Budden, Peter Wang, Oliver Obst and Mikhail Prokopenko.
    Simulation leagues: Analysis of competition formats

11:40 – 13:10

Presentations and Discussion: Advancements on RoboCup Major Leagues

13:10 – 14:10


14:10 – 15:10

Invited Talk: Sami Haddadin

15:10 – 16:10

Oral Presentations – Session II

  • David Schwarz, Max Schwarz, Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke.
    Cosero, find my Keys! Object Localization and Retrieval using Bluetooth Low Energy Tags
  • Luz Martínez, Patricio Loncomilla and Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar.
    Object recognition for manipulation tasks in real domestic settings: A comparative study
  • Frederik Zwilling, Tim Niemueller and Gerhard Lakemeyer.
    Simulation for the RoboCup Logistics League with Real-World Environment Agency and Multi-level Abstraction

16:10 – 16:30

Teaser for Poster Presentations

16:30 – 17:10

Coffee/Tea break – Poster Presentations – Session II

17:10 – 18:50

Oral Presentations – Session III

  • Marcell Missura and Sven Behnke.
    Balanced Walking with Capture Steps
  • Tobias Kastner, Thomas Röfer and Tim Laue.
    Automatic Robot Calibration for the NAO
  • Kyle Poore, Saminda Abeyruwan, Andreas Seekircher and Ubbo Visser.
    Single- and Multi-Channel Whistle Recognition with NAO Robots
  • Zhe Zhao and Xiaoping Chen.
    Towards Spatio-Temporally Consistent Semantic Mapping
  • Saminda Abeyruwan and Ubbo Visser.
    A New Real-Time Algorithm to Extend DL Assertional Formalism to Represent and Deduce Entities in Robotic Soccer


Wrap up and closing.