About Joao Pessoa

João Pessoa is located in the northeast of the Brazilian coast. Capital of Paraíba state, with close to 720,000 inhabitants, João Pessoa is a peaceful touristic place with a beautiful seaside, also known as the second greenest city in the world and the easternmost place of the Americas. There are two major Atlantic Forest reserves inside the city with an enourmous biodiversity. The average temperature in the city during all year is about 28o Celsius, with minimum variation. The sun rises about 4:50h and sets around 17:20h.


The lowest temperature in João Pessoa was measure in 1936  when it reached 16.2 Celsius. The highest has never passed 35.5Celsius.

João Pessoa’s Attractions

Cabo Branco Beach Cabo Branco is the main beach of João Pessoa with clean swimming water and many seafront restaurants. Limited by cliffs that are covered by the rest of the Atlantic Forest, this environmentally protected area has a sidewalk along the beach road. Everyday, during 3 hours in the morning (between 5:00am and 8:00am) the road become pedestrianised and hundreds of walkers march down the sea front to the Lighthouse (Farol). There is also place for runners, skaters and cyclists.  At night, you can join the many volleyball or football matches in the beach or dine in one of the many places around.

Cabo Branco Beach

Sunset at Jacaré Beach In João Pessoa the sunset has a soundtrack. Everyday, when the sun gives the last gasps in the river beach of Jacaré, saxophonist “Jurady Sax” intones the “Bolero” by Ravel. The show takes place around 17:00h and attracts locals and tourists to the many bars along the waterfront. To get a good table on the decks, arrive early. Sunset at Jacaré river beach
Picãozinho Picãozinho is a reef formation located about 1500 meters from the beach of Tambaú. During periods of low tide a large portion of the reef is exposed. You take a boat to the place and dive to check the diversified marine fauna and flora. Fishes at Picãozinho
Areia Vermelha Areia Vermelha (The Red Sand Island) is a sandbar about two miles long situated in front of Camboinha Beach (about 17km from Tambaú beach). It appears whenever the tide is low. It is a great place for swimming, with natural coral pools of transparent water with a bright green tone. Areia Vermelha
Estação Ciência and Farol do Cabo Branco Cabo Branco Station – Science, Culture and Arts was designed by the brazilian famous architect Oscar Niemeyer (the designer of Brasilia, Brazil’s capital) and inaugurated on July, 2008. The complex has more than 8,500 m² of built area in the Altiplano Cabo Branco district. The place has a mission of bringing art, culture, science and technology to the population and its admission is free of charge. In front of the complex you will also find the Arts Station. Close to Estação Ciência is Farol do Cabo Branco (Cabo Branco Lighthouse), the easternmost point of the Americas and one of the most important and visited sites of João Pessoa. Estação Ciências de João Pessoa