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RoboCup is not only for the contestants. It is an event opened to the public with many attractions. During this mega-event that will take place in the Centro de Convenções in João Pessoa, you’ll be able to see all the latest technology in action in many different ways!

Visit Visits to competitions. Do you wanna visit RoboCup 2014? You are invited to watch exciting robot soccer matches, competitions of rescue robots, service robots, home robots and presentations of dance with robots. Come and watch! The entrance is FREE and it is not necessary to schedule. Since there are lots of activities that happen during all day for adults and children, the ideal is that you can book a whole period to your visitation. The convention center has a lot of attractions, food and is prepared to receive you and your family for a very special day. We recommend you to download the floorplan for visitors.
Visit Guided visits for groups. If you have a large group (more than 10 people) and your group is not familiar with robotics, you can ask for a “guided visit”. In this visitation mode you will be assisted by volunteers of RoboCup. They will explain to you and your group the basic concepts in your tour. This kind of visitation is ideal for schools, educational groups or groups of people with special needs and is free. If this is your case, please fill our guided visit form.
Interaction Interaction with robots. Besides watch exciting contests, you will find in RoboCup 2014 a special area with robots with whom people can interact. Special expositions will be available during all day on the days open to the public, and it is free. Bring your family to know this magic technological world!
Workshops Workshops. RoboCup 2014 is preparing several courses and workshops focusing on the construction of robots for all ages. If you are interested in such kind of activity, please check our page of events for visitors. Some of the courses/workshops may require registration.
Symposium Symposium. If you are a robotics researcher, engineering student or if you have some basic knowledge in this area we recommend to you to join the RoboCup Symposium, where you will find some of the most important robotics researchers around the world, as well as the most recent works in robotics field. The RoboCup Symposium program will be available here.The symposium requires previous registration and it is not free.
Food Services. The Convention Center will be prepared to receive you and your family with options of restaurant, fast food, drinks, stores and all that can be necessary to a pleasant day for the whole family. Come spend the day at RoboCup!


Visitation on RoboCup 2014 will start on Sunday 20th July. That marks the start of four days of demos, matches and much technology, ending on Thursday 24 July with the contest finals day. Some of the courses and workshops may have special schedule. Please, check opening hours of the event.

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